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We are the resourceful assessment writing service provider for the clients based in USA, India, UK, Australia, Singapore and UAE.
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Use Cases

Assessment of content development curriculum is a creative work that requires experience, observation, and expertise on the subject. Our subject matter experts develop content considering the students’ maturity following their age group. This enables the learners to grasp the topics, information or chapters easily.
Entire text content is presented using easy and simple language along with graphical presentation for better understanding. Teams managing assessment development services are comprised of SMEs, designers, writers, quality analysts. They provide relevant, useful, and interesting content for all subjects.

About our Assessment Development Service

We are one of the full-cycle assessment writing companies delivering assessment development services to our prestigious clients from reputed enterprises, universities, and schools. Our subject matter expert, researchers, knowledgeable content writers, incredible graphic designers, and quality analysts deliver the interactive, easy to understand, and augmented content for your project.

Types of Assessment Development Service

We follow guidelines of educational authorities while creating or re-developing content for any subject, competitive examination, K12 curriculum, colleges or universities.

NGSS & STEM item writing service

Our experts at Acadecraft ensure that our assessment development services are delivered following academic standards and set of courses of STEM and NGSS. We are working as one of the K12 item writing companies and item writing service provider for our offshore clients. The assessment development solutions incorporate comprehensive and interdisciplinary concepts for our customers.

Technology Enhancement Item Development Assessment Development Services
Technology Enhancement Item Development

We, Acadecraft is a technically enhanced item writing service provider for clients based in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and India. The concept of technology enhancement enables our assessment development team to look insight into the point of view of scientific awareness while developing content for Q&As, true or false, MCQs, short answers, and lengthy constructed answers.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Service
Talent Assessment & Development

We at Acadecraft go for effective talent assessment to strengthen our clients’ projects. Our assessment development services team opts for careful talent evaluations, which result in increasing the productivity, saving cost and retaining top employees with the organizations. Our team of experts is industrious and strong-willed. Our Talent Assessment services never seize to bring about the right outcomes.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development
Psychometric Assessments

The process of psychometric assessment is used in evaluating mental and cognitive state of a person. The psychometric assessment incorporates valuation of personal and professional circumstances using methods such as reasoning tests, logical reasoning tests, emotional intelligence tests, and the big five trait balance tests. The five-trait balance includes openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism.

4C Assessment Services item writing service provider
4C Assessment Services

Acadecraft assessment services involve Creation, Cloning, Coalition and Check to analyze content quality and relevance. To explain 4C in simple terms, we create, re-create, merge useful insights into content, and opt for honest reviews to enhance the quality of content by eliminating errors. We ensure that our services always carry the mark of quality and fulfillment.

Item Banking item writing service
Item Banking

Acadecraft being an incredible item writing service provider in USA, India, UK, Singapore and Australia; we deliver a wide range of items containing questionnaires and assessments in our Item Banking Services. The Item Banks are categorized based on respective subject type. Order the Item Bank, which fits your required category today!

Competitive Examination Assessment Development Assessment Development Services
Competitive Examination Assessment Development

Acadecraft is subject item writing service provider company delivering content for competitive examination like SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, IIT-JEE, SBI-PO, CAT, DAT, Banking, Medical & Engineering Exams. Our team of experts recognizes how important our services are to the customer. Hence, we assess our work for authenticity and the quality of the content.

K12 Assessment Development Assessment Development Service
K12 Assessment Development

Acadecraft is one of the K12 item writing companies in India. The term K 12 stands for kindergarten to the 12th grade. Our K12 assessment development services work against any form of irrelevant or plagiarist content. We ensure that our team engaged in content development services delivers authentic, original, creative and informative content that too without plagiarism.

College Admission Assessment Development Assessment Development
College Admission Assessment Development

Acadecraft makes useful content for students who wish to get admission in an academic institution or a university. Our assessment development services work to facilitate knowledge and insights into different subjects; we provide creative and informative content for disciplines and grades. The content development team works on accuracy, quality, and quantity ensuring interactive assessment development solutions.

Licensing & Certification Assessment Development item writing service provider
Licensing & Certification Assessment Development

Acadecraft offers licensing test items for professional examinations such as Mortgage, Insurance, Business Law, and Real Estate. Furthermore, Acadecraft also creates test items based on technologies such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft .Net, Microsoft Systems, JAVA, Oracle, and General Technology Topics. Being a subject item writing service provider company, we provide in-depth and skill-based content items to clients.

Industry cover

E learning item writing service


Acadecraft believes e-learning solutions are an integral part of educational system. Our team reshapes the learning programs using technologies and new e-learning channels. We broaden e-learning experience across diverse audiences.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services

K12 Schools

Acadecraft is one of the reputed K12 content development companies in India; which delivers E learning solutions to K12 schools and other educational institutions in the USA, UK, Australia, UAE and Singapore.

Colleges Universities Assessment Development Service


We help educational institutions of all sizes to select, expand, and put into practice E learning solutions to promote learning through digital education. Our content caters to various user groups.

Industrial Training Assessment Development

Industrial Training

Acadecraft provides full-cycle E learning consulting, designing, and content development solutions to its clients. We tune-in content based-on E learning software platforms used by various industrial training hubs.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that E learners find better concepts, in-depth knowledge, and easy to understand content to complete their different curriculum.

To accomplish that, our team understands the requirements of our customers, then identify the areas of development or creation, opting for cataloging the curriculum, developing relevant content for the subject, document and design it; and finally, moving to assessment development services for quality analyzing and publishing.

To be precise, we understand, identify, develop, document, design, and assess for QC.

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